Saloni by Carlton


Saloni by Carlton Furniture is our new range. Trend led, stylish furniture that prioitises comfort with it's bold & orginial form this is a statement range that will wow in any setting

Eye-catching, Innovative Design

With its eye-catching round lines and creative and innovative design, the Bon Bon Sofa Set creates a completely different ambiance in your home. While it attracts all attention with its bold and original form, it balances and softens it with its simplicity.

Inspired by marshmallows, round lines and innovative designs create an utterly unique statement piece that will become the centrepiece of your home,  bringing harmony, warmth and balance to living spaces.

Indulge yourself in the relaxing design of colorful and soft textures... Welcome every day with energizing colors and a unique sense of furniture.

Trend-led style with no compromise on comfort

The clever modular system reflected in every element of the design ensure that the whole arrangement are brought to a different dimension, you can arrange your Saloni sofas according to the size of your living space; you can create your own trends with toss pillow models that will make a difference in your decoration and you can choose colours that complement or contrast as you wish. 

Trend, Convenient and Stylish Capture the harmony of details and the softness of naturalness in every corner of your home.

Designed to make your living space look trendy and soft, Bon Bon Lounge Sets brings a unique furniture concept to your living spaces with its soft and eye-catching colors.


To find out more about Saloni by Carlton or to place an order please contact your agent or contact our head office